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Excerpt “Strategic Project Management PLUS”

The most crucial phase of every change project is the project initiation phase. In this phase, you will actually lay down the foundation for a successful project. About 80 percent of this foundation will be constructed in collaboration with your client. “Strategic Project Management PLUS” will give you new powerful insights on how to:

  • create a strong negotiating position toward the client
  • distill the actual project goal concealed in the initial project assignment
  • align the project with the organization’s strategic mission

Strategic Project Management PLUS

The remaining part of the foundation will be constructed in collaboration with your project team. The aim is to efficiently develop a process plan and present it to the client and other stakeholders. “Strategic Project Management PLUS” will give you new powerful insights on how to:

  • jump-start your project by strategically preparing the first meeting with your project team
  • forge individual project team members into a winning collective
  • inspire project team members to follow your lead

By applying the insights of “HR Strategic Project Management PLUS” in the project initiation phase, you will exceed the expectations of the client, your project team members, and other stakeholders. You will create a strong foundation that enables you to steer your project towards success.

Your name in “Strategic Project Management PLUS?”

Do you have practical examples or interesting insights that complement the SPOMP strategies and/or the project initiation phase that you would like to share? Please email me your contribution to The most interesting contributions will be included in my next book “Strategic Project Management PLUS,” with your name credited as contributor. Your contribution gives the reader even more interesting insights on how to realize a successful change, and it provides you personally invaluable I-marketing!

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