Here’s what other people say about “Strategic Project Management SPOMP”:

“Finally a book that not only tells you how important engagement is, but also shows you how to actually create it. Highly recommended.”     — B. Johnson PMP, Chicago, IL

“A refreshing and inspiring view on the project called change!”     — J. Harris, Chicago, IL

“The great thing about SPOMP is that it’s independent of the methodology that you use. It complements PMBOK fully.”    — V. Lloyd, Baltimore, MD

“Very readable, cohesive, clearly articulated, without the typical popular business management jargon.”     — A. Salinger, Camden, NJ

“A must read for every modern internal project manager, program manager, or portfolio manager who wants to achieve change!”     — L. Wallowski, Philadelphia, PA

“I especially found the third SPOMP strategy very useful. Now I know how I can get the steering committee out of my chair.”     — M. Codinio, Seattle, WA

“Top-notch insights about collaboration, engagement, and how to bridge the implementation gap.”     — P. Vélez, New York, NY

“It’s indeed not about the methodology, but about people and how to influence them.”     — H. Tallis, Winchester, UK

“One of the most powerful books on Organizational Consulting that I’ve read in the past few years. Definitely a keeper!”     — W. Balog, Chicago, IL

“One of the few books in this field that covers politics.”    — Ch. Leibovitz, Staten Island, NY

“Proving the potential success of my project did it for me!”    — C. Jackson, Fort Worth, TX

“Logically structured, to-the-point, and a real pleasure to read!”    — TJ. Baxter, Wichita, KS

“An extremely agile approach to transformation, without losing control.”    — A. Walker, Newcastle, Australia

“SPOMP increases your visibility in the organization enormously!”    — M. Ravdin, Montreal, Canada

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